Yoga as one of the best things to do to relieve stress, is no secret. The relaxation inducing practice has been shown to fight depression and lower stress levels. Thus, yoga for pregnant women not only helps to relieve stress but also contribute to an overall healthier pregnancy.
Using targeted exercises that can be practiced in the different trimesters help in increasing the flexibility used during childbirth, while also increasing the stamina. The numerous health benefits of prenatal yoga have been discussed below.
The first significant benefit of prenatal yoga is that it keeps stress levels in check. Hilaria Baldwin, a yoga teacher spoke about the stress relieving benefits of prenatal yoga which she asserted helped her to unwind during her own pregnancy as well. She said that yoga helps you be more in touch with your body which is essential in ensuring your awareness levels are highers, thereby noting changes in your body more easily. Elena Brower stated that when yoga is practiced during pregnancy, it makes space in the body that we need, for both the baby and yourself. Further, breathing helps to create an opening inside the body and helps women see that they don’t have to react so quickly.
The second significant benefit that research found is that prenatal yoga is ensuring the health of both the mom and baby. The study conducted found that prenatal yoga reduces the risk of prenatal depression and improved sleep. In 2012, in the medical journal of Preventive medicine, it was depicted that pregnant women who practiced yoga three times a week were less likely to have low birthweight babies and high blood pressure. Further, it also showed significant results in reducing the chances of developing pregnancy-related diabetes.
The third benefit is that it can help pregnant women prepare for labour and delivery. By facilitating deep breathing and building stamina, the Yoga Journal reported that it can help prepare women for labour. The journal states that labour is one of the most physical things you’ll ever do, why would you go into labour without preparing. Yoga works on the muscles that are required during the process and breathing exercises help women keep calm during this time.
The last benefit to be discussed here is that prenatal yoga helps to keep you in shape. Prenatal yoga involved gentle exercises tailored made to the specific needs of pregnant women. Like any other yoga class, regular sessions can help burn calories and build flexibility and strength. While some yoga classes are more intensive than others, mums-to-be can choose classes of varying intensities suited best to them and their stamina, pregnancy stage etc. Brower stated that prenatal yoga didn’t only ensure her fitness prior to pregnancy but also after her delivery.
As it can be seen, yoga for pregnant women is hugely beneficial to them. The benefits are also especially important because yoga doesn’t merely focus on strengthening the body but also on strengthening the mind. The breathing exercises practiced during yoga have also been noted to have numerous benefits particularly at the time of delivery.