Yoga for pregnant ladies is extremely essential and in today’s day and age the benefits of the same are known worldwide. It is because of this that not only are there yoga centres that offer prenatal classes within their yoga schedules but there are also a few yoga centres focusing solely on prenatal yoga and fitness. If you’re an expecting mum, here’s a list of yoga and other fitness centres you can visit to stay fit for your nine month journey!

Music is known to uplift consciousness. It touches the soul and helps in personal enlightenment. Many people believe that sharing music with your baby can stimulate your baby’s development of auditory and visual skills. There’s a class in Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi that offers a course that consists of varied techniques and processes to help the development of your baby. The benefits of the course include learning and practicing special techniques for deep relaxation, surrounding oneself with positive vibrations through music and mantras and learning a musical instrument. The duration of this course is either four, six, eight of twelve weeks depending upon the month of pregnancy.

A great centre for yoga is the Seema Sondhi yoga studio. This studio offers yoga for pregnant women. Having written a book on Pregnancy Yoga, attending thee yoga classes are completely safe. They have several batches and timings for their yoga classes, so if you’re interested you can visit their website and find out more. In addition to this, there is the very well known Sivananda Yoga Centre in Kailash Colony, New Delhi. This centre holds 90 minute classes involving basic yoga exercises adapted for pregnancy. It is advised to begin after the first trimester of your pregnancy.

While these centres focus on yoga in general and offer pre and postnatal yoga classes, there are a few that are dedicated solely to the health and well being of pregnant ladies. The first of such classes is offered at Fortis La Femme, the course itself is called Mamma Mia. They offer one hour of prenatal yoga on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the same schedule is followed for postnatal yoga as well. Their program os focused on building strength and breathing during pregnancy in preparation for labour. This regime helps pregnant ladies alleviate any unwanted symptoms and manage their weight gain during pregnancy, while also remaining focused and calm.

Last but not the least, there is a centre called Zaazen Wellness at Phoenix Hospital in GK 1. This is a very well known centre and is focused on purely ensuring the health and well being of pregnant ladies. In addition to offering a wide range of prenatal yoga classes, this centre also engages fathers in the pregnancy process. They hold BOND classes that help both parents learn about the pregnancy and ensure that both parents are equipped to know about postnatal care for the mother and care for the newborn baby. Further, the centre also has tailor made massages for pregnant women. These are carried out on special massage beds and are carried out to help relax the muscles of the expecting mother. Zaazen is also well known for its Fit For Two session which is essentially a day full of prenatal exercise, yoga and relaxation followed by lunch and high tea. Fathers-to- be are involved in their classes as well.

If you’re in the family way or know someone that is and you’re looking for yoga for pregnant ladies, this guide should help you find exactly what you’re looking for