Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that has contributed in the holistic living of individuals in the most natural and trusted way since years. Yoga is like a spiritual route to a relaxed mind and healthy body. Yoga for pregnant ladies can help you prepare your mind and body for labour and birth as this helps you focus, to concentrate and keep you healthy. Zaazen Wellness, a holistic pre and postnatal wellness centre based out of New Delhi offers such yoga exercise classes for pregnant ladies and aims to build a space where ladies feel safe and looked after  – physically, mentally, and emotionally Yoga For Pregnant ladies.


In times of pregnancy, when ladies are battling mood swings at varying levels, fatigue and sickness, painful leg cramps and breathing problems. Yoga for pregnant ease all such conditions ensuring a period of relieved nine months followed by an easier labour and smooth delivery. Prenatal yoga addresses the physical challenges inherent to pregnancy, such as a shifted center of gravity and lower back pain. These moves will help alleviate aches and build strength in your legs, back and abdominals to prepare you for giving birth. Yoga for pregnant ladies also can ease labor and delivery, with moves that relax the hip muscles and use gravity to your advantage. Consider yoga a way to get physically stronger and emotionally healthier during pregnancy. Even if you’ve never done yoga before, the modified moves taught in prenatal yoga are both safe and beneficial to expectant moms. Plus, ladies with difficult pregnancies may find comfort in yoga’s gentle motions and breathing.


Yoga Asanas or exercises are ways of moving or holding the body in different positions. Yoga has several exercises or postures that work wonders on a woman’s health and in pregnancy conditions. Varying widely in application and style, these exercises (postures) gently stretch and explore all parts of your body. During pregnancy, yoga Asanas are a gentle way to keep active and supple. The remarkable effects of these postures in pregnancy show the power of yoga for pregnant ladies in ensuring a smooth pregnancy, natural childbirth and restoration of body shape after childbirth.


For the first trimester, standing Yoga Poses are advised as this will help strengthen the legs, enhance circulation, generate energy, and may reduce leg cramps. During the second and third trimester, you may reduce your time spent for practising the Asanas to prevent fatigue and overwork. Instead focus more on breathing and meditation Yoga For Pregnant Women.

It is also not advised to practice from the tenth through the fourteenth week of Pregnancy since these are crucial times. Do not overstretch the abdomen; the emphasis of your twisting poses should be on the shoulders and the upper back and not on the abdomen. Avoid doing inversion. ladies who are regulars would require minor modifications to their yoga routine during pregnancy months when the body is undergoing hormonal changes. The aim of yoga for pregnant ladies is to help the mother bring the unborn into the world with minimum hassle and completely no health complications. Positions and exercises practiced across the three trimesters of pregnancy differ with every phase. It isn’t just about yoga; it is about doing it under expert supervision and favourable environment.