Yoga, as an integral part of Hinduism, has been practised in India for centuries as a way of freeing the mind, body & spirit. In recent years, yoga has also become popular in the west, inspiring increasing numbers of people to come and study yoga in India in traditional setting. There are many yoga centres in Delhi, providing everything from in depth courses to flexible drop-in classes. As the style of yoga and approach to teaching varies at each yoga centre in Delhi, it’s important to give proper thought to your needs before applying Yoga Centres In Delhi.

This list of holistic yoga centres in Delhi will give you an idea of what’s on offer:


Yoga Center #1: Zaazen Wellness


Zaazen Welness is a holistic pre and postnatal wellness centre, based out of Mother and Child speciality facility, Phoenix Hospital.  Zaazen Wellness offers prenatal fitness and prenatal yoga that are directed towards fulfilling these aims. Prenatal fitness is for those who want a slightly more active work out routine, and yoga for those who prefer a traditional yoga class, complete with pranayama, aasanas, aum chanting, meditation and yoga nidra. The classes are different from one another in content and format, however the goal of both remains the same – an active and happy pregnancy that keeps both the body and mind in balance. The aim from day one has been to build a space where women feel safe and looked after  – physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Yoga Center #2: Sivananda Yoga Center

This reputed training center also trains and certifies teachers in yoga, so it’s safe to say that they’re the masters of their game. Their centers in Gurgaon run 90 minutes classes at 10 am on weekdays and on weekends; otherwise weekday classes are thoughtfully kept at 60 minutes only. Great if you want to stop and breathe, but only for a while!

Yoga Center #3: Poorna Yoga

Trained from the Sivananda School, Poorna Yoga’s lovely teachers will match their pace of progress to yours, as opposed to the other way around. Which means no more falling back, and no more awkward positions when you try to leapfrog from posture 5 to 9. Their workshops are held at different locations; the only thing constant is change.

Yoga Center #4: Seema Sondhi – The Yoga Studio

Despite all the ancient wisdom, this is one relatively cool way to do yoga. Seema Sondhi creates a judgment-free environment, where people don’t have to feel like sinners or saints. They encourage you to be yourself – so for example, if you’re not naturally flexible enough to touch your toes, find a way around it! Your way is the best way for you – this is feel-good Yoga Centres In Delhi.

Yoga Center #5: Asarante

Started by a ballet teacher and choreographer, Asarante came to being when an Artist Without Borders scholar came to India to study classical dance. What resulted was a now trademarked approach to body conditioning called Yogadance Therapy, where students are trained to control their bodies through focus and perseverance. A superb class for intermediate to advanced yoga enthusiasts.